who we are

From Here Records is Ian Carter and Nicola Kearey. We initiate and collaborate. We work across music, sound, words, fine art, media, culture and communities, and creative production from our studio in London’s Finsbury Park.

We have tons of experience working within the music and creative industries, primarily as independent artists. You might know us for Stick In The Wheel, the traditional music project we’ve been doing since 2015, or one of the spin-off projects, like Perspectives on Tradition. We are very focused on making the best work we can possibly make.

Ian’s known for his work as a producer, composer and musician, co-founding Various Production (XL Recordings), as one third of GOALS, and solo as EAN (Cosmic Bridge, Hospital Records). His score work with Toby Amies’s hugely popular Nowness series showcases great gardens and great artists. Nicola is an artist, writer, composer and performer, also involved with Various Production, and has worked across creative projects at the Museum of London, Youth Music, EFDSS, as well as speaking at industry events, as a Keychange EU mentor and overseeing all visual content for From Here Records.