Artist Services

label services for independent artists – get your music release-ready

We’ve been making and releasing records as independent artists for some time now. This means we can offer our expertise and assistance to other independent artists – even if you’re working with a label or have distribution. From a single track to a whole release campaign, we have everything you need to release your music and make it count.

We offer the following packages, get in touch to chat further:

We like to offer our artists a totally bespoke service, so the above is a guide. You can add on to that:

  • recording, mixing, mastering
    We can record individuals and duos in-house – there’s a great selection of mics, hardware and processing, the best of analogue and digital here. We also have a remote recording rig that we take on the road, and for bigger bands we set up in another partner studio.
  • artwork, design, manufacture
    From a single Spotify artwork and tour posters to CDs and vinyl box sets, we can design and produce your artwork across formats, broker your manufacture and make sure your release looks its best digitally and in person.
  • merch design and manufacture – don’t forget your t-shirts, tote bags and tea towels. We can help with sourcing all that for you.
  • visualisers for focus tracks to help your socials stand out
  • complete campaigns – let our team manage everything about your campaign, co-ordinating everything so you can get on with making music.